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Image file - required
Select an image file
  • Click on [ + Select an image file ] to display a file selection window. All image files on your computer will be displayed.
  • When you have selected a file the [ Upload ] button will be enabled. Click on this and the file will be uploaded and listed in the table below.
  • You can then upload another image file.
  • You can select an alternative file to be used for the Home page banner by clicking on a [CROSS] in the Banner column.
  • If a file is shown as not to be displayed it can be removed by clicking on [DEL] in the Remove column..
  • The banner on a PC or tablet is displayed in a 800 by 72 box and on a mobile phone in a 240 by 40 box. Banners will be resized to fit either vertically or horizontally. Areas not filled may be shown in blue on this page.
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