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This is the Administration menu page for the Basic version of your pages on the u3a Auckland Network website. The Basic version is designed to be easy to use but has limited functionality. It can easily be upgraded to the Extended version which is more complicated to use but provides a number of extra features. These include:
  • Individual logins for each of your members responsible for administering your pages.
  • Different versions of your Home page can be displayed for public visitors and your member visitors.
  • For each contact person on your Home pages you can determine which of their contact details are displayed on each page.
  • You can provide a separate and smaller banner to display at the top of your pages on a mobile phone.
  • You can upload and select a range of images to display on your Home pages.
  • You can select different PDF files for display on each of your Home Pages.
  • You can select which Group information is displayed on your Home pages - for each Group. And you can display a Group schedule and a Group Calendar.
  • You can add News items to appear on your Home pages.
  • You can determine whether 'u3a' appears before or after the name of your u3a.
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